Key Features

Monitor how calls are handled

How many times was that customer transferred? How long did they wait on hold? Who talked to them, for how long, and when? Who hung up first?

Use the call flow visualizer as a training tool to improve call handling techniques. It provides a call display that follows every event in the life cycle of the call, providing a detailed record to respond to complaints.

Easily search for those troublesome calls

Create filters to search for calls using everyday language. And save those filters for reuse.

Filter based on

  • Date and Time
  • Duration
  • Call type - inbound, outbound or internal
  • Call attributes - was it held or transferred
  • Caller's telephone number
  • Resource participation (which agent, extension, queue or trunk)

Reduce fraud

View the origin and destination of all calls in your call center. Monitor unassigned extensions for inappropriate telephone utilization. Quickly identify toll restriction or call fraud problems.

View time lines seamlessly

Cradle-to-grave view of every call, available as a drill down for live calls from our real-time views.

Access your customer interaction data anywhere, anytime, via a web-based interface. View call details from multiple sites all through one interface.

Not all features described are available for all telephone systems. For more information, please fill out the Request for Information form.

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Various reporting options were available with multiple vendors, but TASKE was the only vendor that provided the Visualizer piece. We have found its call tracking and analysis features extremely beneficial in resolving disputes as well as finding phone numbers for callers that may have been different than our records indicated.
Karen R., Sanford Health

Customer Success Story

"Visualizer is why we love TASKE!"
The detailed call analysis has been invaluable for resolving disputes, particularly over call wait times. Directors can better manage caller expectations when dealing with issues as they are prepared with information from Visualizer, such as the phone number from which the call was placed, the queue that received the call, the agent that answered the call, any hold time during the call, and so on.

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