Key Features

Historical reports

Flexible analytics

TASKE reports include over 150 report templates providing data on trunk, extension, agent and queue performance down to 15 minute intervals. You can summarize your call center's activity by day, week, month or year. Data collection starts when TASKE is installed and is only limited by your drive space.

Improve customer service

Review how calls were handled to improve customer service levels. Find your high-performing employees as well as those that may need additional training.

Report on individual resources, such as an agent, or on a group of agents to compare how everyone did. Included color-rich charts help you see trends and patterns over time.

Track your actual business performance against your service level targets and identify those downward trends over time.

Recover those lost clients

Use the abandoned caller report to see how long clients typically wait before hanging up. This will provide insights into the patience of your callers and whether you need more agents.

Improve your company image and generate more business by using the calling number to call back those callers who abandoned while waiting to talk to someone.

The difference is in the details

Our over 150 reports include...

Agent reports show when agents logged in and out, how long they spent Idle versus talking on the phone or in other states.

Extension call detail reports show every call that was made or received, how long they lasted and what phone number called or was called.

Queue Caller Location reports tell you where your clients are calling from.

And many more reports are available to tell you even more about the inner workings of your call center.

Ready to share

All reports can be printed, saved or set to send automatically to all key stakeholders on a regular basis. Managers can view and share reports via exports in many common formats including Excel or plain text.

View reports your way

All our reporting capabilities are available through the web so you can manage remotely. Multiple sites can be integrated and you can report on all through one interface.

If your needs are especially unique, and you don't find the report you need in our over 150 available, our services team would be more than happy to create a custom solution for you.

Integrate with Workforce Management packages using our real call data to accurately forecast staffing requirements.

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Customer Success Story

ClearPoint relies on TASKE reports to provide the snapshots of queue and agent activity necessary to evaluate performance on a regular basis. They review agent talk time and availability at the queue level and can quickly drill down to report on activity for an individual agent when investigating the possibility that the agent is not closing enough business.

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If anyone needs a real-time monitoring and reporting tool that gives them availability to information quickly and easily, they should really consider using TASKE.
Jennifer F., MSC Industrial Supply Company