Key Features

Real-time monitor


You can't be everywhere at once, or can you? Are your agents talking to customers or their friends?

If a sudden influx of calls happens, are you going to know?

The real-time display provides invaluable up-to-the-second views into your call center — giving you insight into unforeseen issues before they become unmanageable situations. Managers can see if agents are idle or on the phone, the duration of their call and the number dialed or number of the calling party.

Monitor your waiting customers

Do you know how long your line is?

As customers enter your queue and are forced to wait to talk to your agents, you can watch the calls waiting list grow in real-time. You can see where customers are calling from and how long they have been waiting.

And you'll see when they give up and hang up.

KPIs are front and center

Key performance indicators (KPIs) measure performance over time based on specific business objectives. Easily track your business KPIs by setting threshold alerts that notify you when operations start falling outside of acceptable boundaries so you can make the necessary adjustments before it's too late.

Read more about the importance of KPIs in our Performance Metrics whitepaper.

Analyze performance

In addition to seeing what agents are doing right now, review information provides details on what your agents have done so far today. Start at the group level to see performance as a whole, then drill down to the details of an individual agent.

Visualize their performance over time with easy to use data tables and charts.

Drill to the Details

In real-time, if you see a call you'd like more information about, you can click to drill into the details. Visualizer shows the entire life cycle of the call, including time spent on hold or how many times this caller has been transferred.


Empower your employees to make educated decisions, like when to take their next break.

Available through the web so you can manage remotely. If you have multiple sites, they can be connected to see the real-time status all in one interface.

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If anyone needs a real-time monitoring and reporting tool that gives them availability to information quickly and easily, they should really consider using TASKE.
Jennifer F., MSC Industrial Supply Company

Customer Success Story

SenecaOne is managing their call center more effectively with the information available in real-time and reports. Read how they have changed how they run their business based on the information available through TASKE.

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