Key Features

Desktop Dashboard

Focus your team on core business objectives

You can easily design and customize this application to show real-time statistics on your large screen display for everyone to see.

Multiple display options including scrolling tickers and sequencers of your live call center statistics enable you to create usable attractive displays. Add threshold alerts, available both audibly and visibly, to highlight when service objectives are not being met.

Further enhance your display with external business data such as an Internet news feed or your latest sales figures so that everyone stays informed.

Easy to use, easy to customize

Spend more time coaching employees and less time designing displays. A simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface lets you quickly design, preview, save and publish layouts to your large screen display.

Choose as much or as little information as you need to display. Your content automatically sizes to the space you've assigned.

Make changes on the fly

You can use different layouts for your different rotating shifts. Ad-hoc updates can be made in seconds and without stopping and restarting the display.

Using multiple screens you can display targeted real-time data to different teams.

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We were really running blind before it, but thanks to the TASKE reporting solution we can find any information we need.
Pauline S., Fresh! Insurance
Customer Success Story

With rapidly increasing sales and employees, the company needed a total solution which was expandable and reliable, and would allow Fresh! to continue being more accurate at how it dealt with the business and reporting.

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