Key Features

Desktop Dashboard

Customizable personal display of real-time data

Both your agents and supervisors can view real-time and historical data from their personal computers. For agents, configure what information you want them to see and then lock the interface so they can't make changes. Give supervisors the passkey so that they can continue to make changes to this highly customizable application.

By using Desktop, everyone will stay up-to-date on performance levels, be unshackled to make educated decisions (for instance, when to take breaks), and remain informed of how many calls are waiting in the queue.

KPIs are front and center

Key performance indicators (KPIs) measure performance over time based on specific business objectives. You can configure custom alerts to let you know when your KPIs are not meeting your service objectives.

Read more about the importance of KPIs in our Performance Metrics whitepaper.

Dashboard view

To ensure you keep an eye on what's important, a dockable dashboard view shows you all your KPIs without taking valuable screen real estate.

Increase productivity

Desktop allows you to configure rules which help you manage your call center by performing actions based on the behavior in the call center.

Program notifications to appear when certain events or conditions occur. For example, be notified when a certain agent logs in or when average talk time exceeds a set threshold.

Assign actions to call events to save agent time. For example, have the CRM database open whenever an agent answers an incoming call. Desktop can pass the application critical data like the calling phone number or how long the customer has been waiting.

Exceed even your expectations

The Agent Assist additional module adds intelligence to every call, giving agents the ability to log why customers are calling.

Adding Agent Skill Management support allows supervisors to manage their agent's skill assignments on the fly.

Not all features described are available for all telephone systems. For more information, please fill out the Request for Information form.

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TASKE allows us to manage in a real-time atmosphere and respond to our customers using the most current information available.
Brian S., SenecaOne

Customer Success Story

SenecaOne is managing their call center more effectively with the information available in real-time and reports. Read how they have changed how they run their business based on the information available through TASKE.

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