Key Features

Monitor how calls are handled

How many times was that customer transferred? How long did they wait on hold? Who talked to them, for how long, and what did they say? Who hung up first?

Verify all required scripts were followed, validate purchase or agreement details.

Use the call flow visualizer as a training tool to improve call handling techniques. It provides a call display that follows every event in the life cycle of the call, providing a record to listen to and evaluate agent performance.

Utilize recordings for dispute resolution.

Improve customer service

Choose the types of calls to record (inbound, outbound, internal, ACD or non-ACD). Record every extension or select groups within the enterprise.

Use the call recordings of great, and not so great calls as a training tool for your agents.

Review calls for action items. No more relying on pen and paper alone.

Hear what your customers really think. Access your customer interaction recordings anywhere, anytime, via a web-based interface.

Easily search for those troublesome calls

Use Visualizer to create filters to search for calls using everyday language. And save those filters for reuse. Once you find the call, listen to the recordings to hear exactly how the call was handled, an invaluable tool for dispute resolution.

Not all features described are available for all telephone systems. For more information, please fill out the Request for Information form.

Call recording laws vary greatly from country to country, and state to state. It is the software user's responsibility to ensure all required consent is obtained prior to recording a call.

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Various reporting options were available with multiple vendors, but TASKE was the only vendor that provided the Visualizer piece. We have found its call tracking and analysis features extremely beneficial in resolving disputes as well as finding phone numbers for callers that may have been different than our records indicated.
Karen R., Sanford Health