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Desktop Dashboard

Agents log why a customer is calling

Agent Assist is an add-on to TASKE Desktop which pops a dialog whenever an agent answers an incoming call. They then use a series of inputs to easily identify a customer and the nature of their call. Reliable information about the nature of incoming calls offers managers a unique opportunity to quickly pinpoint problem areas of the business, and respond accordingly.

This method avoids the traditional keypad method of 'account code' entry which is prone to error.

Customized for your business

The dialog your agent uses for entry is completely customizable. You may choose up to 10 levels of information to collect. The levels can be inter-dependent or independent, and can be configured to stop when a certain series of selections have been made. Free form comments fields are available in addition to select lists and text fields.

Different codes can be assigned to different call paths. For example, different codes can be used for calls in the Sales queue than those that enter the Support queue.


Selected users can be granted access to the reporting area of the add-on where they can run reports such as

  • Agent Compliance which shows which agents are coding calls
  • Report the number of calls for each code combination and duration of the various calls
  • Obtain detailed report of code combinations including caller ANI, call duration and entered comments for coded calls

All reports can be exported and shared with company executives and stakeholders.

Exceed even your expectations

The Agent Assist module is only available as an add-on to Desktop.

Not all features described are available for all telephone systems. For more information, please fill out the Request for Information form.

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