TASKE Contact Features

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Keep on top of what is going on in the contact center right now updated second-by-second
  • Review key performance statistics reflecting what has happened so far today
  • Track performance of your service level targets

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Desktop Dashboard

  • Employees can monitor real-time conditions on their own computers
  • Empower agents to make decisions based on current contact center conditions

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Replay Call Events

  • Up-to-the-second historical playback of contact center activity, anytime
  • Determine why specific events occurred

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Historical Reports

  • Historical reporting focused on call activity and forecasts using historical data
  • Enhance customer service and maintain service level targets
  • Report by day, week, month or year

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  • Display customized big-picture messaging to inform and motivate the call center to meet business goals
  • Communicate real-time metrics to the entire team at once

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Call Flow Visualizer

  • Cradle-to-grave analysis of call flow through the call center, including hold times and transfers
  • Perform complex call record searches with ease
  • Investigate calls to improve performance

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Call Recording

  • Record calls in real-time and listen to them later
  • Use for employee training and improving customer service

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TASKE Contact is available on:

TASKE is an Avaya DevConnect partner
TASKE is a preferred solution partner of Cisco
TASKE really has changed how we run our business. The information available from the TASKE products allows Seneca One to run in a more sophisticated manner.
Brian S., Seneca One