Contact Flow Visualizer

Visualization is a powerful tool and TASKE Cloud makes the most of it for Amazon Connect contact centers. This powerful search tool provides unmatched cradle-to-grave visualization and recording of any call or live chat — allowing you to improve operations and customer service.

Monitor How A Customer Was Served

TASKE Cloud Visualizer lets you see exactly how any customer interaction unfolded:

  • how long did the customer wait before being served?
  • how many times was the customer transferred?
  • which agent(s) interacted with the customer and for how long?
  • what was said by both the customer and agent on voice calls and chats?
  • who ended the call or live chat first?

Train Agents and Handle Complaints

By providing a call display following every event in the lifecycle of a call or contact, TASKE Cloud Visualizer can be used to train staff and to respond to complaints.

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