Historic Omnichannel Analytics & Reporting

TASKE Cloud's in-depth reporting revolutionizes the way Amazon Connect contact center managers review performance data. It lets you access, view and share "what happened when" information instantly across all contact types. There's no more powerful planning tool for ensuring you have the right resources and people to deliver a positive customer experience.

150+ Report Types

TASKE Cloud lets managers generate and review over 150 historic report templates to analyze all facets of their Amazon Connect contact center performance, including agent performance and queue data down to 15-minute intervals.

  • see when agents logged in and how much time they spent idle versus delivering customer service and other task
  • summarize performance by day, week, month or year
  • identify high-performing agents and those who many require more training
  • analyze live chat and chatbot performance
  • analyze where calls are originating
  • review abandoned calls to determine staffing requirements
  • track performance against targets across a broad range of parameters

Planning and Forecasting

TASKE Cloud historic reports help Amazon Connect call center managers plan for the future by reviewing past performance. Reports can be shared online and via exports to common formats. Need a report type not included with TASKE Cloud? Our services team can create a custom solution for you.

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