TASKE Cloud Replay

TASKE Cloud lets you replay everything it records in real-time to review in more detail later. Call volumes, queues, live chat activity, agent status — replay lets you drill down to understand how different factors impacted the customer service your call center delivered. It's a great tool for planning the number of agents you require at any given time and for training those agents.

Go Back In Time

TASKE Cloud lets you see exactly what was happening in your contact center and when, You can rewind, fast forward or halt playback to focus on any events that require further analysis.

  • automatically stop playback whenever a customer abandoned the call
  • see what agents were doing at the time
  • understand why the customer wasn’t served and how to address it
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TASKE Cloud is available on:

TASKE Cloud call center software that
provides tracking, real-time reporting and analytics
for Amazon Connect cloud contact centers is availabe in the AWS Marketplace
TASKE Technology is an AWS Select Tier Services partner of AWS