Real-Time Omnichannel Monitoring

Your Amazon Connect contact center serves customers in real-time — and those who manage it need to see what's happening right now. TASKE Cloud's easily customizable dashboard lets you see the big picture at-a-glance and dive deeper into the level of service you're providing to customers and the performance of your agents.

Up-to-the-Second Performance Monitoring

TASKE Cloud's real-time monitoring provides invaluable up-to-the-second views into your Amazon Connect call center performance, including fundamentals like:

  • is an agent idle or on the phone?
  • how long are they spending on calls or chats and how does that compare with other agents
  • what's the number of the caller or chat participant an agent is interacting with?

In addition to seeing what agents are doing right now, TASKE Cloud lets you review details on what your agents have done so far today.

  • start at the group level to see performance as a whole
  • drill down to the details of an individual agent
  • visualize their performance over time with easy-to-use data tables and charts.

Customer Experience Monitoring

With TASKE Cloud, you know how well your customers are being served right now:

  • which path through your contact center is used most frequently?
  • how many steps a customer takes before being answered or abandons?
  • how many customers are in queue waiting to be served?
  • how long are customers waiting to be served?
  • how long are customer interactions?
  • where are customers calling from?
  • how many hang up before being served?

You can even drill down to see view the entire lifecycle of an individual call or chat with the TASKE Cloud Visualizer

Performance Alerts

TASKE Cloud lets you establish performance targets and set threshold alerts that notify you when operations start falling outside of acceptable boundaries — allowing you to make necessary adjustments as soon as possible.

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