Oticon, Inc.TASKE Custom Reports Empower Oticon Call Center Managers

With TASKE, Oticon has given their call center managers the tools they need to retrieve the data that’s important to them on both an individual basis and for reporting to senior management. At the same time, the IT department is now able to focus on core responsibilities because it no longer needs to support call center managers in their data reporting efforts.

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A valued TASKE customer, Oticon uses TASKE products to collect data from five call centers in the United States, in addition to those operating worldwide as part of its parent company, William Demant Holding. On average, Oticon’s Customer Service team receives thousands of calls per day. Depending on the reasons for the calls, Customer Service representatives may route the calls to any of a number of functional areas, including Inside Sales, Audiology, Counseling and Fitting, Technical Support, Business Support, Finance, and so on.


Call Center Managers Turn to IT for Data Analysis

Several years ago, the company moved its telephone system to the Cisco UCCX platform, creating a unique opportunity to meet a business challenge faced by Oticon’s IT department. The department had found itself frequently handling requests from call center managers for custom data about call center operations. In particular, managers found it difficult to compare data across functional areas and to provide summary statistics to senior management. Because of the diversity of information requirements in each functional area, the effort necessary to respond to these requests diverted the IT department from its core responsibilities.


TASKE Provides Report Set that Meets Requirements Across Functional Areas

With the move to Cisco, Oticon worked jointly with TASKE to develop a custom reporting solution with two objectives: reports had to meet the individual requirements of each call center manager and report values had to roll up such that senior management could compare key metrics across all call centers. A dedicated TASKE trainer met with each manager to discuss in detail operations of the call center, as well as the manager’s reporting preferences. These discussions determined the data that would be of value in reports and the presentation that would make data easy to use. TASKE then built the reports, continuing to involve the managers throughout the testing and validation processes.

... the core TASKE reports provide the information our managers need, in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The resulting report set was well worth the time and effort invested. Apart from the custom reports, Robert Uriarte, Infrastructure Manager at Oticon, says that “the core TASKE reports provide the information our managers need, in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The reports empower our managers to be self-sufficient regarding their real-time and historical data analysis.”
Staff forecasting is a good example of the benefit that TASKE reports provide to Oticon. With accurate data about call volumes in the context of both external and internal conditions, managers can identify predictable trends over time. Managers can schedule agents appropriately for shifts based on proven assumptions about call volumes, resulting in appropriate wait times for callers. In turn, managers of each functional area can provide summary statistics for senior management at monthly meetings. Regardless of the responsibilities of an individual call center, reports provide the key metrics that demonstrate solid customer satisfaction and cost-effective operations across all call centers.

Robert says that while he did consider using Cisco’s built-in reports, the additional investment in the TASKE was more than offset by its hands-on approach to address the business challenge and ongoing commitment to high-quality service. “Our familiarity and trust in the TASKE product justified our decision to invest further in it.”

Because Oticon’s Cisco UCCX powered call centers handle a diversity of inquiries, it’s important that the callers’ first point of contact handles them successfully. While every effort is made to do this, processing calls through multiple queues can occasionally lead to unsatisfactory outcomes.

Oticon finds TASKE Visualizer valuable for call investigation. Prior to contacting customers to address complaints, Visualizer is used to pinpoint the specific time that a problem occurred, the queues in which the call was placed, and how long the call waited in each queue before being answered, abandoned, or dropped. Analysis of this information helps the manager to determine the next steps, which may include additional agent training, management of the customer’s expectations, or technical service for the telephone system. When contacted, customers often appreciate the responsiveness to their issue, going a long way toward turning dissatisfied customers into loyal ones.

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