Dermaworks Medical Clinic's Transition to AWS Cloud-Based Contact Center

Dermaworks Medical Clinic, a leading healthcare facility specializing in dermatology and cosmetic treatments, was facing significant challenges with their existing on-premises contact center infrastructure. The clinic's customer service agents struggled to provide remote assistance to patients, manage an increasing volume of incoming calls, and coordinate appointment scheduling efficiently.

To modernize their operations and enhance customer service, Dermaworks contracted TASKE Cloud to migrate their contact center to Amazon Connect.

They had skin in the CX game so we took them to the cloud

Dermaworks Medical Clinic



Amazon Connect

Features Highlighted

TASKE Cloud, TASKE Contact Real-Time and Reports



The Challenges

Limited Remote Work Capabilities

Dermaworks' on-premises contact center setup restricted agents' ability to work remotely, especially during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inefficient Call Handling

With an increasing volume of patient inquiries and appointment requests, Dermaworks needed a solution to streamline call handling and reduce customer wait times.

Costly Third-Party Scheduling Service

The clinic was relying on an expensive third-party service for appointment scheduling, which added significant operational costs.

The Solution

Dermaworks Medical Clinic recognized the need to modernize their contact center infrastructure to address these challenges. After thorough research and evaluation of various cloud-based contact center solutions, they chose Amazon Connect as their CCaaS platform of choice due to its flexible bandwidth, pay for usage model, enhanced security, and integration capabilities with other AWS services.

Key Features of the Solution

Remote Work Enablement: With AWS, Dermaworks agents gained the flexibility to work remotely with no loss of productivity, ensuring business continuity and improved agent availability even during disruptions.

Scalability: AWS allowed Dermaworks to handle multiple calls simultaneously, ensuring efficient call routing and reduced wait times for patients.

Cost Savings: By migrating to Amazon Connect and paying only for service usage as well as being able to eliminate the third-party scheduling service, Dermaworks significantly reduced their costs.

TASKE Cloud Integration: Dermaworks partnered with TASKE Technology to leverage their expertise in contact center solutions. TASKE migrated Dermaworks to Amazon Connect and deployed real-time and historical reporting through TASKE Contact, addressing the clinic's need for enhanced visibility into contact center details.

Implementation Process

Assessment and Planning: TASKE Technology worked closely with Dermaworks to understand their specific requirements, ensuring a tailored solution.

Cloud Migration: The clinic's contact center infrastructure was migrated to Amazon Connect, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Integration with TASKE Contact: TASKE integrated their reporting solutions seamlessly with Amazon Connect, allowing Dermaworks to access real-time data on call volumes, agent performance, and customer interactions along with hundreds of out of the box historical reports.

Agent Training: TASKE provided comprehensive training to Dermaworks’ agents to maximize the benefits of their new cloud contact center.


Improved Remote Work Capabilities: Dermaworks agents can now work flexibly from anywhere, providing a better customer experience, improved business continuity and greater agent availability.

Enhanced Call Handling: The clinic's ability to handle multiple calls at once has improved dramatically, enhancing customer service, and reducing wait times.

Cost Reduction: By getting rid of aging on-premises systems, paying only for actual usage, and eliminating the third-party scheduling service, Dermaworks has achieved huge cost savings.

Enhanced Visibility: TASKE Contact provides Dermaworks with fast and easy access to data via real-time and historical reporting that offers valuable insights into their contact center operations and elevating their customer’s experience.

The engagement with TASKE really impressed our team and the TASKE Cloud services they provided had our contact center migrated over to the cloud on Amazon Connect quickly and without any customer disruptions. TASKE was very professional and obviously experts in the field of contact centers. Our new cloud contact center is more flexible, costs less, and provides better service to our customers.
Dr. Demetra V., Dermaworks


Dermaworks Medical Clinic's transition to Amazon Connect with TASKE has enabled them to offer better working conditions to their agents, handle higher call volumes efficiently, and reduce their overall costs. The seamless integration of Amazon Connect and TASKE Contact has empowered Dermaworks to improve their contact center performance and elevate their customer service. This case study highlights the benefits of embracing TASKE Cloud and Amazon Connect contact center solutions for healthcare organizations looking to modernize their operations and improve patient care.

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