Seneca One Seneca One Uses TASKE to Get Calls to the Right Agents at the Right Time

Seneca One prides itself on the unparalleled customer service that builds strong relationships by keeping the clients' best interests and financial stability in mind, and TASKE is a significant part of the Seneca One solution.

Seneca One is one of the leading financial services providers in the United States for structured settlement recipients, and lottery and prize winners. Since 2002, the company has introduced new and innovative approaches to help its clients meet their financial goals. A loyal TASKE customer since 2007, Seneca One runs TASKE products on the Avaya Communication Manager platform.

Brian Schneider started with Seneca One as a Sales representative, moving up through the organization to become Senior Vice-President of Structured Settlements. With his in-depth experience using TASKE in several roles and his hands-on experience with customers, Brian has a unique perspective on how TASKE helps Seneca One provide the best customer service possible.

Brian says that “TASKE really has changed how we run our business. The information available from the TASKE products allows Seneca One to run in a more sophisticated manner.” He identifies three areas in which TASKE has helped Seneca One optimize profitability through increased sales and decreased personnel costs.

TASKE Real-Time helps manage the skills-based environment

Seneca One’s call centers deal with thousands of inbound and outbound calls a day, from potential clients calling to inquire about services, to agents calling customers to discuss details of agreements. Prior to using TASKE, calls were directed to agents primarily based on their availability. Now, Seneca One uses TASKE Real-Time together with the Avaya skills information to make sure that calls are being handled by the agents who get the best results. With TASKE Real-Time providing a view of current activity, Brian can reprioritize agents to handle calls coming in on an ongoing basis. This ensures that calls are always being taken by the highest performing agents for specific channels or campaigns.

TASKE Real-Time also helps Seneca One respond proactively to changing conditions in the call center. Seneca One’s marketing outreach uses a wide variety of campaigns to target customers in different segments. Responses to these campaigns can cause changes in call volumes and patterns. TASKE Real-Time keeps Brian on top of current statistics, such as the number of calls received, the current wait time in queues, the average time calls are taking, and which calls are being handled by various agents. By monitoring current activity, Brian can intervene before minor issues, such as an increasing number of abandon calls, begin to significantly affect service levels.

TASKE Real-Time also helps managers at Seneca One assess agent performance. Real-time statistics and the reports that can be generated from them compare agent and queue activity. This data can highlight when exceptional service is being offered or when corrective action may be required. For example, managers may notice that an agent is consistently not taking an acceptable number of calls relative to other agents in the same queue. On the other hand, if a queue consistently exceeds acceptable service levels, Seneca One may reward those agents for their commitment to the company’s customers.

TASKE historical reports predict call trends and staffing

TASKE really has changed how we run our business. The information available from the TASKE products allows Seneca One to run in a more sophisticated manner.

The nature of the call center means that it must be able to handle a variety of call types and fluctuating call volumes. For example, a new campaign run by Seneca One can often result in a significant increase in inbound calls, from customers interested in finding out more. Brian uses the data available from TASKE historical reports to predict call trends over time and under various circumstances. He can consider both the number of agents required to meet service levels, as well as the skills that each agent offers. Since starting to use the data available in TASKE as the basis for staff forecasting, Brian is confident that the call center is fully staffed with the appropriate agents during peak business hours, resulting in lower wait times for callers. Similarly, he is not overstaffed during off-peak hours, which means lower operating costs for Seneca One.

TASKE Desktop helps agents use time productively

To complement the real-time information available to Brian and other executives at Seneca One, each agent uses TASKE Desktop on their local systems. This application gives agents a personal view into how the call center is currently performing and whether any action is required. For example, when fewer than an acceptable number of agents are logged in, TASKE Desktop displays an alert, which cues offline agents to log in. Similarly, when a number of agents are idle, they can safely log out without negatively affecting caller wait times. These agents can spend time on other assignments, such as customer callbacks. Seneca One uses TASKE Desktop to empower its agents, giving them the discretion to manage their time within the context of the current status of the contact center.

Seneca One collects all of its call center data using TASKE and uses it extensively as a management tool for monitoring and reporting on call center activity, as well as benefiting agents on an individual level. Brian says that “TASKE allows us to manage in a real-time atmosphere and respond to our customers using the most current information available.”

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