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Features of TASKE Cloud

Real-Time Monitoring
  • Understand what is happening in your contact center, in every channel, right now - second-by-second!
  • Search and review what has happened - for any time period.
  • Track performance against service level targets.
  • See inbound, outbound and chat interactions.

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Replay Events
  • Second-by-second historical playback of contact center activity
  • Determine why specific events occurred

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Historical Reports
  • Report on all your voice call, live chat and chat bot activity.
  • Enhance customer service and maintain service level targets for all your contact channels.
  • Report by day, week, month or year.

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Web-based Interface
  • Access real-time information and all reports through a web-browser
  • Provides access to your contact center performance data from anywhere, anytime
Contact Flow Visualizer
  • Cradle-to-grave analysis of contact flow through the call center, including hold times and transfers.
  • Perform complex contact record searches with ease.
  • Investigate contact flow paths to improve performance.
  • Filter based on sentiment of every call. *

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Contact Recording
  • Record voice calls in real-time and listen to them later
  • Review chat transcripts
  • Use for employee training and improving customer service
  • Includes redaction and sentiment analysis. *

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* Some features require Amazon Contact Lens to be enabled.

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If anyone needs a real-time monitoring and reporting tool that gives them availability to information quickly and easily, they should really consider using TASKE.